Posted 13 января 2023,, 07:17

Published 13 января 2023,, 07:17

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Kommersant: the Kremlin has begun preparations for the 2024 elections with Putin's participation

Kommersant: the Kremlin has begun preparations for the 2024 elections with Putin's participation

13 января 2023, 07:17
The Kremlin has begun preparations for the presidential elections of Russia in 2024. The installation of the presidential administration (AP) is such that Vladimir Putin will again take part in the presidential elections.

The presidential election has not been officially announced yet. To give them a start, the Federation Council must make an appropriate decision. It is expected that the election campaign will take place on previously determined dates, and the elections themselves will be held on March 17, 2024.

"Although Vladimir Putin himself has not yet announced his participation in the presidential campaign of 2024, the Kremlin's internal political bloc has already begun preparations for it, based on the fact that the elections will be held on schedule and with the participation of the current head of state", - Kommersant notes.

The AP has already developed several scenarios for the upcoming elections.

The presidential campaign will be preceded by important regional elections in September 2023, which the AP intends to closely monitor in order to test new technologies on them and take into account their experience.

"What is really useful about regional elections on the eve of the presidential ones is that they can test the overall health of the electoral machine," the publication quotes the opinion of political scientist Vladimir Shemyakin.

Experts call the conditions in which the elections will be held difficult, because the country continues to have its own, causing people a lot of painful questions.

In preparation for the elections, the AP intends, in particular, to try out work in social networks, where "an alternative space has actually appeared". The main messages of the campaign will be conveyed to the electorate through social networks, including in four new regions.

Experts note that a new stratum has appeared among the voters — traumatized participants of the SVO and their families, with whom political strategists will have to establish a separate line of work.