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Question of the day: Are there convincing arguments in favor of banning prostitution?

Question of the day: Are there convincing arguments in favor of banning prostitution?

13 января 2023, 09:37
None of the common theses used by opponents of the legalization of this profession does not stand up to any criticism

Ivan Zubov

In Russia, as it is known, prostitution is defined by law as: "systematic entry into sexual relations for remuneration not based on personal sympathies", is an administrative offense, and involvement in such activities or organization of such activities and some other acts are criminal offenses (Articles 6.11 and 6.12 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation; Articles 240 and 241 of the Criminal Code RF).


However, despite the prohibitions and persecution, it is obvious that prostitution is widespread in our country. Only according to official data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are more than 1 million prostitutes in Russia, and their number has only been growing since the 1990s. Moreover, prostitution is actually advertised in both print media and online under the guise of a "dating service". Many sites of sex services and erotic video chats have domains (top-level) of other countries, providing services of prostitutes to everyone. According to data at the beginning of 2015, only in Moscow about 30 thousand people were professionally engaged in prostitution and fifteen hundred intimate establishments operated, disguised, as a rule, as saunas and erotic massage salons, and they worked under the guise of corrupt police officers. A night with a girl, as the newspaper journalists found out, then cost from 2 to 15 thousand rubles.

That is why the calls for the legalization of prostitution do not cease. Entrepreneur Alexander Zhurba in his blog wittily commented on the theses that opponents of the legalization of the "first oldest profession" usually refer to:

In general, everything is clear with the prohibition of prostitution:

  1. It undermines the foundation of the family, because sex becomes easily accessible. It is not clear, however, why dating sites are allowed then, because it is obvious that people there don't expose their asses and tits for a conversation about literature, but the organizers of the process earn purposefully and with an understanding of the essence of the process.


  1. It makes a unique family service commercial, which reduces people's attachment to each other.

It is unclear, however, why nannies, cleaners, cooks, massage therapists are allowed then, because child care, house cleaning, food and affection are also kind of like a unique family service. Not to mention the construction (what kind of man is this if he can't put a log house himself) and the police (he must protect his family himself).

  1. It leads to infidelity.

It is unclear, however, why then adultery is not allowed for money. I've read a bunch of stories that someone went to someone from Tinder or from work, but I don't remember anyone writing that they left him for a professional prostitute.

  1. There is exploitation of people for a pennyIt is unclear, however, why then they do not prohibit working as doctors, teachers, couriers and state employees.

I've heard a lot of stories about "sleeping on a car," but I haven't heard stories about "teaching on a car" or "putting out fires on a car." I've heard that state employees are so raped for pennies that any BDSM smokes on the sidelines. And by the way, taxis should also be banned - look, a gentleman has been found, is sitting in the back seat, and an adult man is taking him where he needs to go, it's a shame to be like this.

  1. There is a danger to lifeIt is unclear, however, why the army, miners, loggers, high-rise installers, electricians, industrial fishermen, drillers or the Ministry of Emergency Situations are not banned, as if people can also suffer there.


  1. You can get the diseaseIt is unclear, however, why microbiologists, nurses and laboratory assistants are not banned.

And also employees of the morgue, sewage treatment plants and zootechnics.

  1. Touching other people's genitals is a shameIt is unclear, however, why gynecologists, urologists, obstetricians and, oh my God, proctologists are not banned.

They don't talk about diapers, pads, tampons, underpants and sex toys, brrrr.

  1. It's a shame to sell your bodyIt is unclear, however, why social networks with all these women in leggings and underpants with smart quotes, the profession of a model and actor, bodybuilding and personal fitness trainers are not prohibited.

Not to mention plastic surgeons, breast implants, cosmetics and tight dresses with cutouts. Well, in general, it's a shame to go to work - because people will know that you personally go there yourself because of money, and not just to save the world from boredom.

  1. The birth rate is decliningIt's not clear, though, why condoms are allowed then, small salaries and all this crap that happens every day.

And masturbation, of course, is also a dangerous thing, so much effort is wasted and no children. They say, by the way, that in general the best way to reduce fundamentalism and unrest in society is to put the Internet there, teenagers with access to porn are less engaged in all sorts of nonsense.

  1. Young girls will have sex for moneyIt's unclear, though, what the problem is:

they are already doing this for the sake of income, attention, pleasure and experience. The boys would also not refuse money, but they are not paid, basically, this is the trouble, you have to go to work to get a job.

  1. The resolution of such a thing is the way to the death of societyIt is unclear, however, why the "highly moral" societies were dying, where this was prohibited.


In general, everything is clear with the ban. It is unclear, however, why prohibit it.