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Staloral allergy medication has disappeared from pharmacy chains

Staloral allergy medication has disappeared from pharmacy chains

13 января 2023, 05:00
The shortage of French medicine is observed in Moscow, Krasnodar Krai, Rostov, Voronezh, Kaluga regions.

According to Kommersant, the drug "Staloral" of the pharmaceutical company Stallergenes currently cannot be booked on separate online sites, despite the fact that it is presented in the showcase. The cost of "Staloral" is from 6.5 thousand rubles for three bottles and from 15.6 thousand rubles for five bottles. Doctors working in private hospitals and interviewed by the publication confirmed the deficiency of anti-allergen.

Medicines purchased earlier remain in a number of clinics. This drug is prescribed as a base for ASIT for the treatment of allergies to tree pollen.

This disease remains the most common in the country. Patients use "Staloral" two to three months before the onset of the spring season, currently therapy is already underway for many allergy sufferers. Effective treatment requires three to five years without interruption and replacement of the drug. Despite the fact that the change of medication is safe, "there is a difference in effectiveness," said Tatiana Semenycheva, an allergist of the Medsi network. Networks could face a shortage of medicines due to the lack of it from distributors.

Now there is no data on the timing of the next delivery. Informally, pharmaceutical retailers. Confirm the absence of this French medicine in retail or about failures in its supply.

Another source of the publication indicates that the problems began with the manufacturer itself. A representative of the company in Russia noted that there were no interruptions in production, but at the end of last year deliveries were delayed. According to him, the deficit is connected with this. Market participants clarified that during the period from January to November last year, 90.6 thousand packages of "Birch pollen allergen Staloral" were delivered to the country in the amount of 448.7 million rubles.

This is 17.5% less year-on-year in physical terms, but 65.5% more in monetary terms. The maximum volume of the drug was imported to Russia in 2021 - deliveries doubled the results of 2020. The Russian analogue of the drug from NPO Microgen was produced in a significantly smaller volume — about two thousand packages for 11 months of last year, today it is not available either. Note that the French medicine is not the only one with which interruptions may occur.

On January 11, Roszdravnadzor already warned about possible delays in the delivery of medicines from the pharmacy. This is due to logistical problems with suppliers and manufacturers. On the eve it became known that the children's "Ibuprofen" in the form of candles, included in the list of vital medicines, disappeared from the capital's pharmacies.