Posted 13 января 2023,, 14:53

Published 13 января 2023,, 14:53

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Updated 13 января 2023,, 15:00

The fraud with "mobilization lists" revealed in Telegram

The fraud with "mobilization lists" revealed in Telegram

13 января 2023, 14:53
Users of the Telegram social network have been warned about a new type of fraud related to the exploitation of the topic of mobilization: victims are asked to find out if they have been included in the lists of people to be sent to the front soon.

According to Forbes, with reference to the data of information security experts In2security, with the help of a scheme with "mobilization lists", fraudsters can gain access to personal data of citizens and steal their access to Telegram channels.

"Scammers are conducting a massive phishing attack on Russian Telegram users using the topic of partial mobilization", - the publication notes.

They send out proposals to see the list of people who they plan to mobilize on February 1-3, 2023.

If the user succumbs to impulses of curiosity or bouts of fear before being sent to the troops and "pecks" at the mobilization "bait" sent to him, the attackers will achieve their goal. They will get access to all his contacts and will start sending phishing "letters of happiness" already on his behalf to all his acquaintances.

Cyberspecialists warn that for security reasons, you should not follow third-party links in messengers and enter your personal data on other people's resources.

Experts believe that the same persons who massively hacked the telegram channels of Russians last fall, also exploiting the topic of mobilization, are involved in the organization of a new fraudulent scheme.

"The same resources are used for attacks, the handwriting of the attacks also matches", - said Diana Selekhina, head of the RTK—Solar digital threat analysis group.

Previously in The Kremlin advised citizens not to pay attention to rumors about a possible new round of mobilization in the country. In January, it became known that in December last year, the General Staff canceled deferrals from mobilization for fathers with three children. The deferral for fathers with four children is still in force.