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Published 13 января 11:38

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The State Duma promised to send non-serving citizens over 30 years of age to military training

13 января 2023, 11:38
The deputy of the lower house of Parliament Viktor Sobolev clarified that this will become possible after the entry into force of the law on changing the draft age.

It is necessary to send citizens who have not served before to military training camps in order to create a trained mobilization reserve, the parliamentarian noted. 

"Those who are over 30 years old will be involved in training camps in order to get a military accounting specialty and not be cannon fodder. To do this, we need to do a lot, including we need to have a trained mobilization reserve", - the deputy said. Military training must also be carried out for reservists and reservists.


In the spring draft of 2023, citizens up to 30 years old can go to military enlistment offices. The full transition to the new system will take 1-3 years.