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The State Duma took care of the "soft paws" of cats

The State Duma took care of the "soft paws" of cats

13 января 2023, 08:58
The first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Ecology, Vladimir Burmatov, proposed, for humane reasons, to introduce in Russia a ban on animal mutilation operations such as onychectomy (removal of claws).

The deputy noted that in the near future such a project will be considered in the Duma Committee on ecology.

"The cat's claws were cut off — this operation is called "soft paws" by the people... It should definitely be banned, the initiator was the Moscow City Duma, and I am grateful to them for this", - RIA Novosti quotes the deputy.

According to Burmatov, initially the deputies were offered to reject the bill, but the parliamentarians refused and sent it for revision.

"I think at the next meetings of the committee, in the coming weeks, it will be sent to the mailing list at the beginning to receive feedback, well, and then we will consider it on its merits", - Burmatov said.

He added that following consultations with lawyers in the State Duma came to the conclusion that the removal of claws cripples animals and falls under the article "cruelty to animals".

The service of removing claws from pets is in demand among owners who fear for the safety of expensive furniture, carpets and wallpaper.

Earlier it was reported that in Brazil, animal rights activists sued the players for mistreatment of a cat, which was thrown off the table by the scruff of the neck at a press conference.