Posted 13 января 2023,, 05:13

Published 13 января 2023,, 05:13

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Volodin urged to confiscate property from citizens "pouring dirt on Russia"

Volodin urged to confiscate property from citizens "pouring dirt on Russia"

13 января 2023, 05:13
With such a measure, the speaker of the State Duma proposes to supplement the punishment for "supporting Nazis" and insulting Russia and the Russian military.

According to the speaker of the lower house of parliament Vyacheslav Volodin, the current measures to respond to insults of Russia, "its residents, soldiers and officers", are insufficient. Recently, cases have become more frequent when citizens who left the Russian Federation, in order to "curry favor and preserve their well-being abroad," openly support "villains, Nazis and murderers." These statements can be regarded as calls to extremism, rehabilitation of Nazism or discrediting of the Russian Armed Forces.

Those who have gone abroad are not afraid of criminal prosecution:

"The scoundrels who have left live comfortably thanks to our country.

While abroad, they rent out real estate, continue to receive fees at the expense of Russian citizens. At the same time, they allow themselves to publicly pour dirt on Russia. They feel their impunity, believing that justice cannot reach them", - the speaker of the State Duma wrote in his TG channel. He proposed to supplement the Criminal Code with an item on confiscation of property.

In early October, after many Russians left the country amid the announced partial mobilization, Volodin commented on the situation, calling them traitors.

The politician is sure that those who arrived in the country after the start of the special operation are much more important.