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Experts of the World Economic Forum predicted a global recession in 2023

16 января 2023, 15:20
The global economy will be affected by political tensions.

The report of the World Economic Forum says that this year there will be a global recession. 18% rate it as extremely likely, a third of economists consider a global recession in 2023 unlikely. Economic growth in Europe and the United States will be weak or very weak this year.

About 50% of respondents expect weak economic growth in China, the rest believe that growth will be strong. The abolition of strict covid restrictions will strengthen economic growth in the country. 57% of the survey participants noted that the inflation rate in Europe will be high, and 5% expect high inflation in China.

Most experts expressed confidence that this year the central banks of Europe and the United States will continue to tighten monetary policy.

At the beginning of the month, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva said that the world economy is waiting for "a difficult year, tougher than the period that was left behind." The IMF had already warned in October 2022 that over a third of the global economy would shrink and that there was a 25% chance of global GDP growth of less than 2% in 2023, which it defines as a global recession.