Posted 16 января 2023,, 06:39

Published 16 января 2023,, 06:39

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Reuters learned about the supply of Russian oil to Asia by Chinese supertankers

Reuters learned about the supply of Russian oil to Asia by Chinese supertankers

16 января 2023, 06:39
According to Reuters sources, after the introduction of a ceiling on energy prices from the Russian Federation, at least four Chinese supertankers transported Russian Urals oil to China. According to the agency, another such vessel went to India.

"According to sources and Eikon vessel tracking data, all five deliveries were scheduled for the period from December 22 to January 23", - Reuters notes.

The publication notes that China and India continue to buy Russian oil, despite Western sanctions.

In particular, the price ceiling imposed by the EU (EU) and G7 countries does not prohibit the import of energy resources from Russia to countries that are not part of the EU. The restrictions relate to insurance, provision of sea transport, transportation services if the price of oil exceeds $ 60 per barrel.

"Given that the prices of Urals crude oil are much lower than the established price limit, trading in Urals oil is essentially legal", - said the head of one of the Chinese firms involved in the supply.

The agency notes that deliveries to Asia cost Russia more than in the EU, but transportation by supertankers can reduce costs.

The attractiveness of oil from the Russian Federation is provided by discounts. According to the sources of the publication, Indian refineries receive raw materials at a discount of 15-20 dollars per barrel compared to Brent crude oil.