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Published 16 января 15:28

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The Bulgarian Defense Ministry denied information about the sale of the Su-25 for Ukraine

16 января 2023, 15:28
The Bulgarian Defense Ministry has denied information previously published in the media that the country, through an intermediary, handed over to Ukraine 14 Soviet-made Su-25 attack aircraft.

This is reported by Novinite.

"The Ministry of Defense has not sold or provided Su-25 aircraft intended for Ukraine to NATO countries", - the defense ministry said in a statement.

Earlier, the information was also not confirmed by the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, Nikolai Milkov. He stated that he had no information about this.

The agency reported on the transfer of 14 Su-25 aircraft to Ukraine Bloomberg with reference to the Dutch analytical company Oryx. The analysts' article lists data on the transfer of military equipment to Ukraine from Western allies. The section "aviation" mentions the purchase of Su-25 aircraft from Bulgaria.