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The first ammunition set of Poseidon nuclear super torpedoes for the Belgorod nuclear submarine has been produced

16 января 2023, 05:23
Separate tests of the main components of torpedoes, including a nuclear power plant, have been successfully completed.

According to TASS, referring to its own source, the first ammunition set of nuclear super torpedoes for the Belgorod nuclear submarine will be delivered in the near future, they have already been manufactured. In 2018, the system (later called Poseidon) was presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

These unmanned underwater vehicles can move at great depth to an intercontinental range at a speed significantly exceeding the speed of modern torpedoes and surface ships. The Belgorod submarine, manufactured at the Sevmash plant, was handed over to the Russian Navy in July last year. Note that Poseidon can cause a giant tsunami that will turn the enemy's coastline into a "radioactive desert".

The Russian Navy planned to put more than three dozen Poseidon strategic underwater unmanned vehicles on combat duty. They will be equipped with four submarines of the Northern and Pacific fleets. At the same time, each of the submarines will be able to carry up to eight Poseidons.