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Published 16 января 10:59

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The head of Sevastopol announced seven downed drones

16 января 2023, 10:59
The governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, said that the air defense systems of Russia and the Black Sea Fleet have already shot down seven drones over the sea today.

"In total, by this hour, the air defense forces and our Black Sea Fleet have already shot down 7 UAVs over the sea. No objects in the city or in the water area were affected. I emphasize: all drones were shot down over the sea", - Razvozhaev said on his Telegram channel.

He stressed that the military successfully repelled the drone attack on Sevastopol and continue to monitor the air situation.

The governor denied the information about the explosions in the city, which, in his opinion, is distributed by the Ukrainian side."They write that there are explosions in the city and ask to send them confirmations.

We confirm that no one will throw anything to you, everything is calm in the Hero City," he said.