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The movement of ships resumed in the Bosphorus

The movement of ships resumed in the Bosphorus

16 января 2023, 15:50
The strait was blocked for more than ten hours due to a stranded ship.

Shipping has resumed in the Bosphorus Strait again. It was stopped for more than ten hours - a ship that left Ukraine ran aground there. The Coast Guard Department sent 13 Coast Guard boats and tugs to the scene (Saryer district). Earlier, the Turkish authorities promised to report separately on the restoration of the movement. 

"The ship has been taken off the shoal.

Navigation in the Strait has been restored", - the Department said in a statement. We are talking about the MKK-1 cargo ship.

He left the Ukrainian port for the port of Eregli. He ran aground at 7 a.m. on January 16 due to a steering malfunction. It is clarified that shipping has been resumed so far only from north to south, because the queue of ships anchored at the southern entrance to the Bosphorus stretched for many kilometers.