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Published 16 января 15:39

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The Russian Lapta Federation of Russia will start receiving money from bookmakers

16 января 2023, 15:39
The "Unified Gambling Regulator" has concluded an agreement with the Russian Lapta Federation.

Alexey Grachev, General Director of the Unified Gambling Regulator, announced an agreement signed with the Russian Lapta Federation. He did not give details, but noted that during the year the "pool of federations" that receive extra-budgetary support was increased to 121.

"It is especially important that now additional funding is directed to federations engaged in the development and popularization of mass sports.

Including people's: Mas-wrestling Federations, Yakut wrestling, the Federation of Urban Sports of Russia, the Federation of the Northern all-around of Russia. Now among our partners is the Russian Lapta Federation of Russia", - Grachev quotes TASS as saying. The regulator will direct monetary contributions to the Russian Lapta Federation.


Currently, the Ministry of Education has developed a training module for schools on the game of lapta. The authors of the project are confident that the Russian folk game will develop students' physical skills, contribute to the moral education of schoolchildren.