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Published 16 января 10:39

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Turkey has issued the better half of the residence permits to Russians

16 января 2023, 10:39
According to the results of last year, 153 thousand Russians received a residence permit in Turkey. Russians have become leaders among foreigners in terms of the number of residence permits received in the country.

At the same time, the absolute majority of Russians (132 thousand people) received a temporary tourist residence permit in the country for a period of one year, RIA Novosti reports, citing data from the country's migration department.

Among other foreign citizens in the top three in terms of the number of permits issued are residents of Iraq and Syria. They have issued, respectively, 131 thousand and 100 thousand residence permits in this country. More than 47 thousand documents were received by residents of Ukraine.

In total, according to the Migration Department, over 1.3 million citizens have a residence permit in the country. Most of them live in Istanbul (over 706 thousand people), as well as in Antalya, Turkey (over 158 thousand).

Earlier, Novye Izvestia wrote that the main flow of emigration of Russians abroad in 2022 fell on countries with visa-free entry. Among them is Turkey. Last year, Russians became leaders among foreign citizens in buying real estate in this country.