Posted 16 января 2023,, 14:38

Published 16 января 2023,, 14:38

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Updated 16 января 2023,, 16:35

Two thirds of Russians talk to technology and even give it names

Two thirds of Russians talk to technology and even give it names

16 января 2023, 14:38
The survey showed that 68% of Russians talk with their mobile phones. And every tenth resident of the country even gives their gadgets names. Most often, vacuum cleaner robots get nicknames, it follows from a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab.

More than half of Russians (54%) said they sometimes talk to their laptop. Another 45% of the survey participants admitted that they talk to the TV. 22% of respondents talk to electric kettles and coffee machines, and another 16% of their owners talk to robot vacuum cleaners.

Almost half of Russians (42% of the survey participants) admitted that they do it at the moment when the equipment stops working.

Most of the survey participants note that they buy equipment once and for many years, so they get used to it during its use. Every second noted that he feels sympathy for his gadgets when they break down.

Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity expert Dmitry Galov notes that Russians are often extremely trusting of robotic technology. The company previously conducted an experiment. They took a delivery robot and tried to take it to a room that can only be accessed using private key cards. People willingly helped the robot to pass.

In the second experiment, the robot needed to engage Russians in a friendly conversation. People willingly agreed to talk to the machine. Meanwhile, the robot was able to extract a variety of information from them, for example, the brand of their first car.

Kaspersky Lab warned Russians about the risks of using the information obtained in this way by fraudsters.