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Applications for remote control of Skoda, Kia, Infiniti have stopped working in Russia

17 января 2023, 04:15
The Mu Chery and Exeed AR applications continue to work.

According to TASS, referring to the dealership "Avtospeccenter", mobile applications of a number of foreign car brands - Skoda, Kia, Infiniti and Nissan - no longer work on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, applications for cars of Chinese brands - Mu Chery, Exeed AR - are working normally.

According to Avtodom, applications of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, AudiService brands continue to function.

The Porsche application was turned off in the summer of 2022, although there were no corresponding notifications to dealers from the automaker.

By the way, by the middle of March 2022, almost seven thousand programs and games were removed from the Russian App Store. Before that, they were downloaded 218 million times - 3.3% of their total download.