Posted 17 января 2023,, 11:52

Published 17 января 2023,, 11:52

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Boris Pistorius will become the new German Defense Minister

Boris Pistorius will become the new German Defense Minister

17 января 2023, 11:52
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will appoint 62-year-old Boris Pistorius (pictured) as the new defense minister. This was reported by the press service of the federal government.

"Chancellor Olaf Scholz will appoint Boris Pistorius (62) as the new Minister of Defense", - the federal government said in a press release.The official appointment will take place on Thursday.

After that, the new head of the German Defense Ministry will take the oath in the Bundestag. As Forbes notes, he will become the first man in this post in almost 10 years.The appointment was also confirmed by German Economy Minister Robert Habeck, who considered Pistorius a suitable representative of the German army.

Bloomberg also notes that the future head of the Defense Ministry served in the Bundeswehr in 1980-1981 during compulsory military service. Pistorius is a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and has not previously held a position in the federal government.The day before, the Chancellor accepted the resignation of German Defense Minister Kristine Lambrecht, who explained the decision to resign from the post by the close attention of the press to her person.