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More than 20 people were involved in the hospitalization of a patient weighing 320 kg

17 января 2023, 15:30
About 20 people needed help to deliver an overweight patient to a Nizhny Novgorod hospital, said the Minister of Health of the Nizhny Novgorod region, David Melik-Huseynov. In terms of complexity, he compared this operation with the space one.

The footage published by the minister shows how two dozen local residents with difficulty lift a stretcher with a patient and carry him into the hospital building.

"Tonight, a very difficult medical evacuation of a patient (51 years old) with a body weight of about 320 kilograms was carried out from the Bolshemurashkinsky district. This is a kind of historical weight record for our region. Last year there was a patient with a weight of about 255 kg", - the minister wrote.

He noted that employees of several departments, including ambulance workers, the Center for Disaster Medicine and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, were involved in the hospitalization of the patient in the infectious diseases hospital.

The Minister added that the patient's hospitalization was successful. Currently, doctors in the hospital have already diagnosed him and started treatment.