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Published 17 января 2023,, 08:55

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Pic of the day: the book of a "foreign agent" is the best gift in modern Russia!

Pic of the day: the book of a "foreign agent" is the best gift in modern Russia!

17 января 2023, 08:55
Far Eastern booksellers have found a great way to advertise good books at no extra cost.

Ivan Zubov

A striking example of advertising disguised as anti-advertising was presented to their colleagues by employees of one of the bookstores in Vladivostok: they packed books by Leonid Parfenov, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Alexey Polyarinov and Dmitry Bykov (recognized as a foreign agent)* in paper and by hand they wrote on it that all the authors are foreign agents.

In fact, no one except Bykov * of them is a foreign agent, but such an inscription immediately attracts the attention of the buyer.  In addition, it is quite obvious that the store's employees have been reorganized, since Russian publishers since December 1 last year, within the framework of the law "On Control over the activities of persons under foreign Influence", it is prescribed to pack books by authors of "foreign agents" in film and label them "18+", and not about any there is no question of paper in this prescription.

This photo taken by journalists of "Rain" (recognized as a foreign agent)* I have already circled all social networks, collecting a lot of responses.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the very title of "foreign agent" has already completely devalued, since the authorities assign it to literally everyone in a row to undesirable citizens. As the journalist Kirill Shulika correctly noted: "None of them is a foreign agent. But this is what I wrote about a year ago. They have already stopped monitoring who is a foreign agent and who is not, so the status itself has lost the meaning that the legislator gave it".

But the point, we repeat, is not this, but the attractiveness of such a product on the shelves, as users of social networks write in their comments:

- It's already packed, it remains to tie up with a bow — and the best gift for a good person is ready!

- And you can also sell it from under the counter as a "deficit for respected people".

- Very stylish gift wrap. Crafting and writing. Bravo. Thanks should be said to the packers.

*recognized as foreign agents in the Russian Federation