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Sergey Mironov proposed to legalize the Wagner PMCs after the capture of Soledar

17 января 2023, 13:38
The head of the Fair Russia — For Truth faction, Sergey Mironov, noted the merits of the Wagner PMCs fighters in the battles for the city of Soledar and in participating in a special operation in Ukraine. He called it a "heroic military formation" and proposed legalizing private military companies.

"It was their efforts that freed Soledar. Yes, with the support of the army. But we cannot belittle and share this glory", - Sergey Mironov said. He added that the Russian army "has a lot to learn from the PMCs "Wagner "in terms of their work and the training of recruits".

Sergey Mironov recalled that back in 2018, a bill on private military companies in the country was developed. He called for reconsidering it in the State Duma. "It is necessary to legalize this heroic military formation so that there is a law, and not just reasoning about who is doing what and on what basis", - Sergey Mironov said.

Earlier, the faction repeatedly proposed to adopt a law on regulating the activities of private military companies. The last time a bill on this issue was submitted for consideration in March last year. The bill proposes to establish control over the activities of private military companies that will be able to exercise their powers abroad.

It's worth reminding that in November last year, a video appeared on the Network showing the alleged execution of a former soldier of a private military company who fled to the side of Ukraine, and then voluntarily agreed to return to Russia during a prisoner exchange with Ukraine.