Posted 17 января 2023,, 13:51

Published 17 января 2023,, 13:51

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The Office of the President of Ukraine removed Arestovich from the position of adviser

The Office of the President of Ukraine removed Arestovich from the position of adviser

17 января 2023, 13:51
The Office of the President of Ukraine has granted the request of Alexey Arestovich (pictured) to release him from the position of a freelance adviser.

This is reported by TASS with reference to the data of the press secretary of the President Sergey Nikiforov and the data of local media.

According to Nikiforov, the order to dismiss Arestovich was signed by the chief of staff of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Maria Vitushok.

Arestovich submitted his resignation on January 17, indicating that he intends to admit the mistake he made and show "an example of civilized behavior".

The resignation of the adviser was preceded by a scandal. On January 14, Arestovich said that part of the house in Dnepropetrovsk collapsed due to the fall of a missile shot down by the Ukrainian air defense system on it.

This statement caused massive criticism of the official from the citizens of the country. After that, a public campaign to collect signatures for the official's resignation began on the territory of Ukraine.

Arestovich was even accused of treason, and in one of the Russian public there was a photo of him in the uniform of a colonel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

The very next day, Arestovich, speaking live again, apologized for his statement to the relatives of the dead and injured in the Dnieper, residents of the city and all the people whom his words "hurt". 
"I made a serious mistake," he said, but at the same time he added that he considers the information attack on him on the Net with the help of a network of bots to be an "organized campaign": "Our, God forgive me, the opposition conducted a joint information operation with the Russians against a Ukrainian citizen (...) And my question is whether this is a synchronous campaign", - he said.