Posted 17 января 2023,, 14:10

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The trial of those accused of plotting to kill Macron begins in Paris

The trial of those accused of plotting to kill Macron begins in Paris

17 января 2023, 14:10
According to the prosecution, the conspirators planned to attack the president during a visit to the northeast of France in 2018. According to the defense, the threats were nothing more than conversations, and the president did not risk anything.

The trial of members of the far-right group Les Barjols, who are accused of plotting to assassinate Emmanuel Macron and attempting to carry out a coup, begins in Paris, The Guardian reports. There are 12 people in the dock aged from 26 to 66 years.

The prosecution claims that wiretapping of telephone conversations for four years showed: activists planned to attack the president with a knife in November 2018, when Macron made an official visit to the city of Verdun during the celebration of the Armistice Day in the First World War. In addition, the conspirators' plans, prosecutors say, included the murder of migrants and attacks on mosques, the abduction of members of parliament and the overthrow of the government. At the meetings, the group members were trained in shooting and first aid skills. During the raids on the homes of members of the organization, firearms were found, including an M16 assault rifle and instructions for making explosives.

However, none of this has been implemented. The lack of direct action has led to the fact that the defendants are accused only of conspiracy to commit a terrorist act, the maximum term they face in case of admission of guilt is 10 years. The defendants deny any illegal activity. Their lawyers claim that all this was just talk, and there was no immediate threat to Macron's life in reality.

A group of nationalist and anti-immigration orientation, Les Barjols was created on Facebook (a social network recognized as extremist and banned by Roskomnadzor) in early 2017. At one point, the group had 5,000 members. Its alleged leader is Denis Collin, a 60-year-old ex-activist of the far-right National Front, now the National Association, who was arrested in 2020.

The trial will last until February 3.