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Vitaly Klitschko did not rule out the collapse of Ukraine's energy system "at any second"

17 января 2023, 06:22
The shortage of electricity in Kiev is now 30%.

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said at the World Forum in Davos that at any moment there could be a collapse of the energy system of the whole republic.

"We are not talking about a collapse, but it can happen <...> at any second", - Reuters quotes the words of the Kiev mayor. He also added that "at any second" the critical infrastructure of Kiev and other cities could be destroyed.

"Now it is quite cold in Ukraine, so it is almost impossible to live without electricity and heating.

The situation is critical. We are fighting for survival", - the mayor complained. In early January, it became known that Ukraine had lost about 90% of wind generation and almost 40% of solar.

The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy, German Galushchenko, called the main task "the passage of the autumn-winter period".

The Russian military has been attacking critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine since October 10 last year.