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Amazon has won the status of the most expensive brand from Apple

18 января 2023, 05:29
The brand's price is $299.3 billion.

The most expensive brand in the world in the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking was Amazon, which was ahead of Apple. At the same time, Amazon lost $51 billion in value compared to the rating of 2022, but Apple fell even more. - Amazon has regained its place as the most expensive brand in the world, despite the fact that the value of the brand has fallen by 15%, from $ 350.3 billion to $ 299.3 billion, - the report says.

Apple has fallen in price by 16% since last year to $297.5 billion.

The next three places in the TOP 5 have not changed from last year's ranking.

Google is in third position ($281.4 billion), followed by Microsoft ($191.6 billion), and Walmart ($113.8 billion) is in fifth place.

Among Russian brands, the most expensive were Beber - 163rd place, Gazprom - 420th and Lukoil - 457th. In June last year, in the race of expensive brands, the American company Apple came out on top.

The last time the company was in the first place was seven years ago, after which it lost its leading position.