Posted 18 января 2023,, 14:16

Published 18 января 2023,, 14:16

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English priests will be allowed to bless same-sex marriages

English priests will be allowed to bless same-sex marriages

18 января 2023, 14:16
The Church of England has presented a compromise solution on how to deal with same-sex couples who, according to the law of the country, have married and want to receive a blessing in the church. The bishops proposed to allow such spouses to apply to the church for a blessing and receive it.

At the same time, the priests have the right to refuse a blessing if it contradicts his beliefs. It is noted that there will be no consequences for priests in case of refusal. Same-sex couples will still not be able to get married in a church.

"We call on all communities under our care to welcome same—sex couples unconditionally and joyfully, reaffirming their commitment to a radical new Christian inclusion based on Holy Scripture, reason, tradition, theology and Christian faith", - the message reads.


The submitted proposals of the Church of England are scheduled to be discussed in February by the Synod of the Church.

The bishops' proposals were preceded by a large discussion between supporters of changes in the church and those who adhere to traditional views on marriage.

In addition to the proposals presented, the bishops of the Anglican Church also apologized to the LGBT community for "rejection, isolation and hostility" towards these people.