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Figure of the day: The National Welfare Fund has decreased by a trillion rubles in a month

18 января 2023, 14:40
The volume of the National Welfare Fund as of January 1, 2023 is 10.43 trillion rubles, or 7.8% of GDP. In a month, it has decreased by almost a trillion rubles. As of December 1 last year, the volume of the fund was 11.38 trillion rubles, or 8.5% of GDP.

This is reported by the Ministry of Finance of the country.

In December, a part of the fund's funds was realized in the accounts of the Central Bank. The amount of 2.4 trillion rubles was credited to the federal budget account to cover its deficit.

In the previous two months, another 560 billion rubles were allocated from the fund to cover the budget deficit. During the year, the volume of additional financing amounted to almost three trillion rubles.

The Ministry of Finance noted that the volume of liquid assets of the fund in December decreased to 6.13 trillion rubles, which is 4.6% of GDP. A month earlier, the volume of liquid assets reached 7.60 trillion rubles, or 5.7% of GDP.