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The cost of arms supplied by the European Union to Ukraine has reached 11.5 billion euros

18 января 2023, 13:16
The states of the European Union (EU) have supplied Kiev with weapons worth 11.5 billion euros. This was reported by the representative of the foreign policy service of the European Union Nabil Massrali.

According to the EU, the countries of Europe received 3.1 billion euros from the extra-budgetary European Peace Fund (EPF), established in 2021. The funds were used to compensate for part of the military supplies to Ukraine. These monetary injections were designed to encourage EU states to actively transfer weapons to Ukraine.

"At the moment, taking into account the European Peace Fund and the efforts of the EU member states on a bilateral basis, the EU as a whole has been able to supply weapons to Ukraine for 11.5 billion", - RIA Novosti quoted Massrali as saying.

The purpose of the creation of the EPF was to prevent conflicts and strengthen international peace. It was planned to invest 5.7 billion in the fund over seven years. Of these, 3.1 billion euros have already been spent.

Russia has reacted painfully to the supply of European weapons to Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry sent a protest note to NATO in this regard, warning that shipments of weapons for Kiev will become a "legitimate target" for the Russian army.

Now the EU is discussing the supply of tanks and other heavy weapons to the territory of Ukraine.