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The harsh detention of Greta Thunberg at a protest rally in Germany turned out to be staged

18 января 2023, 15:30
On the eve of a protest rally of eco-activists took place near the city of Lucerat in the west of Germany. In the press there were videos with a tough crackdown on demonstrators by the police. It turned out that the law enforcement officers were friendly and arranged a photo shoot with the detainee Greta Thunberg, who took part in the action.

According to the organizers of the protest, about 35 thousand demonstrators took part in the event. They protested against the expansion of the Harzweiler coal quarry. Thunberg decided to join them. Later, journalists at the scene showed what did not get into the frame.

The police and Thunberg held a photo session, obeying the requests of a photographer who worked at the place of detention.

"Wait a minute, now we'll shoot from another point," the photographer asks in the video.At this time, Thunberg is smiling, and everything indicates a good mood of the detainee and others.

The company of police officers, who allegedly harshly dispersed her supporters, does not bring any discomfort to the eco-activist.

After that, the police carefully took the smiling Thunberg away from the site. Given the lack of resistance on her part and the weather on the street, this could have been done so that the eco-activist would not "hit" the dirt with her face. All the detained conservationists were taken to a safe place and soon released.