Posted 19 января 2023,, 04:38

Published 19 января 2023,, 04:38

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145 objects in Khabarovsk were left without power due to the accident at the CHP-1

145 objects in Khabarovsk were left without power due to the accident at the CHP-1

19 января 2023, 04:38
An operational headquarters has been set up in the city to eliminate the consequences of the accident.

Khabarovsk Mayor Sergey Kravchuk wrote in his tg channel that an accident occurred at the CHPP-1 in the city near the Fifth Site, which left 145 objects without power supply. - An operational headquarters has been established to assist in the elimination of the accident and prevent negative consequences.

The composition of the headquarters: housing and utilities and energy supply departments, the Industrial District management committee and management organizations whose houses fell into the shutdown zone," the mayor said. Currently, the headquarters has started work, organizations are put on high alert.

In order not to lower the freezing of pipes, the discharge of heating systems in houses with top filling is carried out. The estimated troubleshooting time is 17 hours local time (10 hours Moscow time). According to the information of JSC "Far Eastern Generating Company" (part of RusHydro), the power engineers of the joint venture "Khabarovsk Thermal Networks" of JSC "DGK" are repairing damage on TM-14 (Khabarovsk CHP-1 zone).

The repair crews of the enterprise are aimed at restoring the external supply pipeline with a diameter of 800 mm. Two brigades and five pieces of equipment were sent to eliminate the accident.

Today, January 19, in Khabarovsk -20, north-easterly wind with gusts up to 10 m/s. On the night of January 20, -27 degrees is expected. Recall that last week in Kursk, almost two hundred houses were left without heat due to the accident.

There was also damage to the main pipeline with diameters of 800 mm. Moreover, two days before the incident, about ten thousand citizens were also cut off from heat supply due to an accident on the networks.