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Actor Julian Sands disappeared while being in the mountains of California

Actor Julian Sands disappeared while being in the mountains of California

19 января 2023, 10:30
Sands had been missing since Friday. The search is hampered by bad weather that has set in throughout the state.

Famous actor Julian Sands went missing after going to the mountains last Friday, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office in California said. Initially, Sands' name was not called – the police mentioned an anonymous tourist who disappeared in the Baldy Bowl area on Mount Baldy, where hikers and skiers like to relax, The Guardian writes. Only on Wednesday, the sheriff's department announced that the person whose search has been going on since last week is 65–year-old Sands, who lives permanently in North Hollywood.

The message about the disappearance of the actor, known for his roles in the films "A room with a view", "Fields of Death", "Gothic", was received at seven in the evening last Friday. Severe weather conditions that have been established throughout California, greatly complicate the search. Rescuers were called off on Saturday as the ground search threatened their own safety. Since then, the rescue operation has been conducted with the help of a drone and a helicopter, when the weather permits.

The avalanche threat continues in the area where the actor disappeared, and authorities are advising people to stay away. "It is extremely dangerous, even for experienced tourists it is difficult to get there," said representatives of the sheriff's department. When the weather clears, rescuers plan to resume the search on the ground.

Julian Sands, born and raised in England, has been living in Los Angeles for many years with his wife, writer Evgenia Sitkovits. In his interviews, he repeatedly spoke about his passion for mountaineering, about how important adventures are in life, and that he feels happiest "next to a mountain peak on a wonderful cold morning." The actor said that in the early 1990s he was on the verge of life and death when, while climbing in the Andes at an altitude of 20,000 pounds, he got into a strong storm: "We were all in very bad condition. A few guys close to us died; we were lucky".