Posted 19 января 2023,, 12:23

Published 19 января 2023,, 12:23

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Roskachestvo revealed falsified sour cream from seven brands

Roskachestvo revealed falsified sour cream from seven brands

19 января 2023, 12:23
Roskachestvo checked the quality of 20% sour cream and found out that seven of the 87 brands studied turned out to be counterfeit. Vegetable fats were added to the products to make it cheaper. In addition, E. coli, yeast and mold were found in a number of jars.

Sour cream of the brands Vyatskaya, Novaya Derevnya, Selbornaya, Pyatigorskaya and Vita, bought in stores, as well as sour cream of Annushkina Farm and Homemade sour cream (without specifying the manufacturer), which were bought in the capital's markets, turned out to be of poor quality, the report says.

During the study, it turned out that there are phytosterols in the sour cream of these seven brands. Their presence indicates that vegetable fats have been added to the product. At the same time, information about this was not indicated on the package.

The researchers came to the conclusion that sour cream bought on the market does not always turn out to be of higher quality than in stores. For example, when conducting this study, it turned out that sour cream purchased on the market is not sour cream, since phytosterols were found in it. In addition, these products did not meet the microbiology indicators. Starch was added to the sour cream "Annushkina Farm", but the product itself in the jar turned out to be less than it was indicated on the package.

Experts also drew attention to the fact that not all products that consider themselves organic are actually such. For example, remnants of antibiotics were found in the sour cream "Ugleche Pole".

Bacteria of the Escherichia coli group, as well as excess in terms of yeast and mold content in products, sour cream Vita has not been tested. E. coli and excess yeast were also found in sour cream "Annushkina farm", "From the milk of our milking" and "Dairy farmer". E. coli was found in sour cream "Kaluga dawn", "Kirzhach dairy plant", "Kozelskaya", "Milk house" and "Just ABC". Another ten brands found inconsistencies in the content of yeast.