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The initiative of the day: the State Duma proposed to transfer the property of those who left the Russian Federation to orphans

19 января 2023, 07:30
Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Anna Kuznetsova took the initiative to use the property of citizens who left Russia to provide housing for orphans. The proposal may also affect organizations from unfriendly countries.

"There are those who have betrayed their country. There are those people who have left the country, there are those organizations in Russia whose owners are people from unfriendly countries. Maybe in the search for funds for housing orphans to turn and look for resources in this direction?", — said Kuznetsova at a meeting on the issue of providing housing for orphans in Kemerovo (quoted by TASS).

She noted that in this block "anxiety accumulates".

The Deputy Speaker of the State Duma assured that the authorities do not intend to retreat from solving this task until "serious steps are taken, and we do not understand that this task is beginning to be solved at the pace that it should be solved".

According to her, 288 thousand orphans and children left without parental care are on the waiting list for housing in Russia.

About 600 billion rubles are required to provide them. In her speech, she clarified that the total budget for fulfilling obligations to orphans last year amounted to 38 billion rubles, of which 10 billion were allocated from the federal budget, and the rest was added by the regional authorities.As Kommersant notes, referring to the information of the Unified State Information System of Social Security (EGISSO), as of January 2022, 298 thousand orphans were on the waiting list for housing.

In February, Kuznetsova clarified that 213 thousand of them are adults. In 2021, 288 thousand people were on the waiting list, and in 2020, 283 thousand people were on the list. RIA Novosti also cites the statement of the Commissioner for Children's Rights, Maria Lvova-Belova, who on January 16 said that 288 thousand orphans were on the waiting list for housing.