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The prince, who lived in the 17th century, became a person involved in a scandal with a traffic fine in Dagestan

19 января 2023, 14:24
In Dagestan, a scandal broke out related to bringing an alleged passenger of a car to administrative responsibility for an unbuttoned seat belt.

According to media reports, the piquancy of the situation was that the violator of traffic rules (traffic rules) was allegedly not the driver of the vehicle, but a passenger — more precisely, a portrait of Prince Hadji Davud, who lived in the XVII-XVIII centuries, who was in the passenger seat of the car.

"In fact, the automatic fixation camera caught the driver of the car in violation of traffic regulations", - Kommersant reports with reference to the statement of the Republican Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The security forces denied media publications that the fine was allegedly issued to a portrait of a prince who lived three centuries ago.

"Today, information about the alleged prosecution of a passenger of a vehicle, Prince Hadji Davud, for an unbuttoned seat belt, has spread in some media and the Internet. This information does not correspond to reality", - the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

The incident that caused a stir in the media occurred on January 15 at 11:17 on the 923rd kilometer of the federal highway "Caucasus". The camera of automatic recording of traffic violations installed on this site caught the driver of the GAZ-3302 car in a misdemeanor. For driving without a seat belt, the driver was fined under Article 12.6 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. The sanction of the article provides for a fine of 1,000 rubles.

At the same time, the Interior Ministry stressed that the camera did not capture the image of the portrait that the driver was transporting in the passenger seat. The camera enclosed the driver of the car in the frame of fixation, the department stressed.