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Trade turnover between Japan and Russia increased by 6.2% in 2022

19 января 2023, 04:48
Despite the sanctions, the trade turnover between the two countries amounted to 2.56 trillion yen ($19.96 billion) last year.

As follows from the data of the Japanese Ministry of Finance, over the past year, the country increased imports of Russian goods by 26.2%, imports of Russian liquefied natural gas — 4.6%, its share increased to 9.54% (8.84% in 2021).

Due to the global rise in the price of energy carriers, imports of liquefied natural gas from Russia to Japan in value terms rose by 82.4%. The volume of imported Russian coal decreased by 41.3%, but in value terms increased by 61.7%. Imports of Russian oil to Japan decreased by 56.4%. The value of total imports of Russian energy carriers by Japan increased by 40.1%.It should be noted that exports of Japanese goods to Russia decreased by 29.8% to 605 billion yen ($4.7 billion).

59% of the amount is accounted for by cars.

By the way, the trade turnover between Russia and China has increased by a record almost 30%. The volume of trade with India will increase by 2.5 times, and with Iran - by 20%.