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Published 20 января 2023,, 04:47

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Nine Russian airlines stopped flying in 2022

Nine Russian airlines stopped flying in 2022

20 января 2023, 04:47
The operator's certificates have been stopped at four of these carriers.
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According to Kommersant, nine Russian air carriers have stopped flights over the past year. The Federal Air Transport Agency cancelled the license from Skol. For the period 2017-2021, the regulator suspended and then canceled the licenses of VIM-Avia, Saratov Airlines, Buryat Airlines, Pioneer-Regional Airlines, Pskov Avia. This certificate is issued by the Federal Air Transport Agency and is the main document of the carrier.

Basically, the suspension of the document ends with cancellation. Last year, three certificates were stopped at the request of the air carriers themselves, due to anti-Russian sanctions. These are SkyGates, Kamchatka and Rostvertol Avia.

SkyGates, which ranked fourth in terms of cargo transportation in Russia, has two Boeing aircraft currently operated in Azerbaijan by Silk Way West Airlines, the certificate was suspended at the company's request in March 2022. Kamchatka stopped flights due to the fact that a manufacturer from the United States refused to supply three Cessna Grand Caravan boards. Rostvertol Avia, which was owned by Russian Helicopters, received a certificate for passenger and cargo transportation on the Mi-2 in 2010, but applied for suspension in 2022. At the end of last year, the carrier was sold to a private person. In addition, the St. Petersburg "Bystrolet" also cannot start transportation.

It is owned by Alexander Yevtukhov, a native of the large Belgorod farm network "Green Valley". The company under the FlyFast brand was going to fly on Hawker Beechcraft jets, but in November the Federal Air Transport Agency suspended the certificate due to the lack of aircraft. To the bankrupt Kaliningrad Skol in mid-2021, the regulator banned the operation of 30 helicopters and five light-engine L-410 due to debts to the GTLK. Her certificate was revoked last year.

Also, three carriers retain certificates, but their flights are also suspended due to sanctions. We are talking about the Royal Flight charter airline associated with Coral Travel, the Sirius Aero business operator and two cargo carriers belonging to the Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies - Atran and AirBridgeCargo.

Recall that Russian air carriers lost about 25% of the fleet over the year. Pilots also leave aviation. All over the world, Russia is now considered a country that can no longer ensure flight safety.