Posted 20 января 2023,, 04:59

Published 20 января 2023,, 04:59

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The US will allocate $2.5 billion for military support of Ukraine

The US will allocate $2.5 billion for military support of Ukraine

20 января 2023, 04:59
American President Joe Biden gave an order to the State Department's galva Anthony Blinken.

The President of the United States Joe Biden instructed the head of the State Department Anthony Blinken to allocate $ 2.5 billion for military support of the Kiev regime as part of a new package of assistance to Ukraine. - I instruct the Secretary of State ... to send up to $ 2.5 billion in defense articles and services of the Ministry of Defense, Military Education and training to provide assistance to Ukraine, - the White House head's document says.

Before that, the US Defense Ministry announced the allocation of another package of military assistance to Kiev in the form of weapons for $ 2.5 billion.

In total, Washington has already allocated over $27.4 billion in military aid to Ukraine. On the eve of Hungary blocked the next tranche to Ukraine in the amount of 0.5 billion euros.

According to one of the high-ranking EU diplomats, pressure will be exerted on Budapest on Monday, January 23, during a meeting of EU foreign ministers.