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This has never happened before, and here it is again! The reasons for queues at the Multifunctional Public Services Center are called bribes

20 января 2023, 06:49
The police uncovered a bribery scheme in a Multifunctional Public Services Center (MPSC) in Kostroma, associated with the formation of long queues: the head of the department of the department was convicted of trading places in the queue for an appointment with specialists.

Security forces in Kostroma detained an official of the MPSC, who for three years, from 2020 to 2022, helped her friends realtors bypass the general queue.

"A woman put her friends for money on the appointment list immediately, therefore they could arrange real estate transactions faster than ordinary citizens", - writes Kostroma.Today.

Today, law enforcement officers are aware of at least three cases of bribery, for her services in selling places in the queue, the official managed to receive more than 200 thousand rubles.

A criminal case was opened against an employee of the MPSC under the article "Receiving a bribe". She faces a long term of imprisonment and a large fine. It was possible to uncover the criminal scheme thanks to the cooperation of the police and FSB operatives.

Earlier it was reported that there were long queues in front of the MPSC not only in Kostroma, but also in other cities. People stood outside in the cold for hours, trying to get public services.

Queues were especially long during the coronavirus pandemic, when many residents needed the help of MFC officials to get QR-codes.