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47 thousand Toyota and Lexus cars were took aside in Russia due to potential software problems

23 января 2023, 15:09
Toyota Motors, the official representative of the Toyota automaker in the Russian market, takes aside 47,007 Lexus and Toyota cars. The reason for the recall is possible problems with the operation of the data transfer module software. This is reported by Rosstandart.

"47007 Lexus, Toyota CAMRY, COROLLA, ES 200, ES 250, ES 350, GX 460, HIACE, LC 300, LC PRADO, LS 350, LS 500, LX 500D, LX 600, NX 250, NX 350 vehicles sold from November 28, 2020 to the present day with the VIN codes according to the application are the subject to be taken aside", - the message on the Rosstandart website says.The department noted that the recall campaign is related to the features of the data transmission module software.

In particular, in case of serious accidents, there are risks that the car will not be able to receive a callback from the automated emergency response information system in case of accidents. In addition, the latest vehicle location data may not be saved if the ignition is turned on a few minutes after switching off. In this regard, data may be transmitted incorrectly to the emergency response system in case of accidents. "The data transmission module will be reprogrammed on all cars", - the press service of Rosstandart reported.

Representatives of the automaker informed the owners of the cars that are subject to recall by sending letters and/or by phone.

Car owners are invited to visit the nearest dealership to perform the necessary complex of free repair work.