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Australia will buy sea mines to protect against China and other potential aggressors

23 января 2023, 10:35
Australia plans to purchase high-tech naval mines to deter China and other "potential adversaries" from sending ships and submarines into the country's waters. According to the Australian edition of the Sydney Morning Herald, the authorities are ready to spend up to $ 1 billion on this.

"Australia will make its first major investment in naval mines since the Vietnam War, spending up to $ 1 billion on high—tech underwater weapons to deter China and other potential adversaries from sending ships and submarines into the country's waters", - the newspaper notes, referring to a statement by the country's Defense Ministry (quoted by RIA Novosti").The Agency intends to purchase naval mines that support remote activation and deactivation.

This will allow friendly vessels to move freely through the waters of the country. Sea mines are supposed to be placed in narrow places: straits, harbors.In January, the Australian government announced its intention to strengthen the missile potential.

It is planned to spend up to $ 2 billion for these purposes, including the purchase of HIMARS systems. Earlier, the head of the Australian Defense Ministry, Richard Marles, said it was necessary to create a "wild island" to protect against a hostile enemy.