Posted 23 января 2023,, 04:30

Published 23 января 2023,, 04:30

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IT companies are asking for an indefinite preferential income tax rate

IT companies are asking for an indefinite preferential income tax rate

23 января 2023, 04:30
While the benefit is valid until 2024.

The largest associations of software developers in Russia discussed with Deputy Head of the Ministry of Finance Maxim Parshin the extension of the preferential income tax rate for accredited IT companies. Now it is valid until 2024. They suggested that the agency make such a rate of 0% indefinite or fix the return of the rate of 3% forever, Kommersant writes, citing sources in the government and representatives of relevant associations. The authorities adopted amendments to reduce the income tax for accredited IT companies from 20% to 3% in the summer of 2020.

Last year, a zero rate of income tax was approved for IT companies until 2024. According to the executive director of the association "Domestic Front" Renat Lashin, the limitation of the term of the rate "creates uncertainty for many companies in the segment".

The head of Russoft, Valentin Makarov, sees the most appropriate solution in returning to the income tax benefit with a rate of 3% and its indefinite effect. 

"But this is one of the proposals, there is no solution yet", — he said.

Other market participants believe that after 2024 the rate will return to 20%. Recall that the government decided to release domestic IT firms for three years in March last year.

At the same time, employees of these companies under the age of 27 were granted a deferral from conscription and announced the availability of preferential mortgages to IT workers.