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Mikhail Yefremov asked to change his punishment to forced labor

23 января 2023, 17:07
The artist received 7.5 years in prison for the death of a person in an accident arranged by him.

"Yefremov Mikhail Olegovich <...> about the change of the punishment to the form of imprisonment by forced labor", - follows in the published materials submitted to the judge of the Alekseevsky District Court of the Belgorod region.

The date of consideration of the petition has not yet been set.

In April last year, Yefremov already asked the Supreme Court of Russia to reduce his sentence. The lawyers explained the possibility of reducing their client's sentence by the fact that he "has not received a single comment for 15 months," as well as his "poor health" and three dependent children. The attempts were unsuccessful.

On June 8, 2020, Yefremov, being drunk, caused an accident in the center of Moscow. A man died in an accident. The actor tried to appeal the verdict, but the Court of Cassation upheld the decision. Yefremov is serving his sentence in a penal colony in the Belgorod region.