Posted 23 января 2023,, 10:02

Published 23 января 2023,, 10:02

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Russia expels Estonian Ambassador and lowers the level of diplomatic relations

Russia expels Estonian Ambassador and lowers the level of diplomatic relations

23 января 2023, 10:02
The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the lowering of the level of diplomatic relations with Estonia as a response to the actions of Tallinn. The level of diplomatic representation on both sides is lowered to the charge d'affaires. Estonian Ambassador Margus Laidre has been ordered to leave Russia by February 7.

"Estonia has taken a new unfriendly step to radically reduce the size of the Russian embassy in Tallinn, confirming the line on the collapse of relations between our countries. As a retaliatory measure, the Russian side decided to lower the level of the diplomatic representative in both countries to the Charge d'affaires", - the message on the Telegram channel of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.The agency notes Estonia's course towards the purposeful destruction of relations with the Russian Federation, and also accuses Tallinn of total Russophobia, "cultivating hostility" towards Russia, which the country's authorities have brought to the "rank of state policy".

"On January 23, Estonian Ambassador M. Laidre was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

He has been strongly protested in connection with the actions of the Estonian authorities. The Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia should leave the Russian Federation on February 7, 2023", - the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

Responsibility for the development of events is assigned to the Estonian side. The ministry stressed that they will continue to monitor and respond to the hostile actions of Tallinn.As Kommersant notes, on January 20, the Russian Embassy in Estonia accused Tallinn of obstructing consular services for Russian citizens living in the country.

Prior to that, the Russian diplomatic mission in Estonia suspended the acceptance of applications for renunciation of citizenship. In early January, the country's authorities demanded that Russia halve the staff of the diplomatic corps in Estonia, which was motivated by the need to achieve parity in the number of posts.In October, Estonia, along with other Baltic countries, recognized Russia as a sponsor of terrorism.

Earlier today it became known that Estonia will hand over to Ukraine all its 155-mm howitzers, as stated by the Estonian ambassador in Kiev, Kaimo Kuuska. Prior to that, Tallinn sent Javelin ATGMs, anti-tank grenade launchers, mortars, howitzers to Kiev.