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The authorities refused to build some highways until 2027

23 января 2023, 05:29
The previously planned financing of the Meridian highway, the Orekhovo-Zuyevo and Krasnodar bypasses has been reduced.

Funds will be provided only for the design of these roads, writes Kommersant. Later than planned, the M-1 and M-3 sections in the Moscow region will be repaired and reconstructed. Work to eliminate "bottlenecks" on the highways of Avtodor in the Moscow region has been excluded. As specified in the Ministry of Transport, work has already begun on the sites will be completed, but new construction will not begin yet, apart from bypassing some cities.

 Previously, the government was going to provide funds for the Orekhovo-Zuyevo bypass in 2025, but now the deadlines have been revised.

The design of the road will begin no earlier than 2026, and funding has been reduced from 20.5 billion rubles to one and a half billion. The same decision was made to bypass Krasnodar, the amount decreased from 28.9 billion rubles to one and a half billion. Instead of 2025, the design of the second ring road around St. Petersburg (KAD-2) was planned for 2027, and work on the future Meridian highway (from the border of Kazakhstan to Belarus) and the South-Western Chord (Yekaterinburg-Samara-Krasnodar) was limited to design, not 15.3 billion rubles will be allocated for it, but 4 billion. 

As for the 66-84 kilometer section of the M-1 Belarus highway, funds will be allocated for it not this year, as planned, but in 2025.Next year, it is planned to finance the reconstruction of the section M-3 "Ukraine" 65-124 km.

However, a number of objects, on the contrary, received additional preferences. For example, the construction of the Adler bypass will cost 70 billion rubles, not 50 billion. Work will begin in 2025 and will end in 2026. Detours of Khasavyurt and Derbent have been added: 23.9 billion and 51.2 billion rubles, respectively. Among the objects of the Moscow region, the Psarevo—Petrovo road appeared for 5.2 billion rubles, for travel to the Stupino Kvadrat SEZ. The total amount of funds that were going to be raised from extra-budgetary sources increased from 145.5 billion to 247.7 billion rubles.  

Initially, the plan was based on the financial guidelines of the Ministry of Finance, but now, with budget cuts, we had to abandon a number of facilities, said Mikhail Blinkin, research director of the HSE Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Policy. The arrival of business in the current conditions in regional concessions is unlikely, except in cases when a large company is interested in the construction of the road, ready to participate in financing.

Recall that at the end of last year, the Ministry of Construction stated that six state structures and 55 regions of the country acted as customers for construction work in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. The Fund for the Development of Territories, Residential and Social Facilities is engaged in the restoration of engineering infrastructure. Residential and social facilities are handled by the company controlled by the Ministry of Construction "Single Customer". Avtodor is engaged in roads.