Posted 24 января 2023,, 10:14

Published 24 января 2023,, 10:14

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Employers have become more willing to hire pensioners with working specialties

Employers have become more willing to hire pensioners with working specialties

24 января 2023, 10:14
In 2022, employers began to hire older people more often, especially for working specialties.

The most popular were drivers, assemblers, security guards, installers, turners and others. Some of these vacancies, especially in the construction sector, offer high salaries.

For example, drivers of categories B and C in Podolsk and Tomsk is ready to pay up to 150 thousand rubles — the same as the head of the construction site in Moscow, and the mechanic-assembler in Domodedovo — from 100 thousand rubles. There is a high demand for age-related candidates in medicine. These are doctors, nurses, nurses, palliative care specialists.

This was announced by the deputy general director of the Work Alexander Vetkov.

Previously, it was more difficult for people over 45 than for young people to find a job. However, after the beginning of the military special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, partial mobilization and mass departure of people of military age from the country, the preferences of recruiters have changed. People began to take jobs, including those of retirement age.

As a rule, they are interested in long-term employment, are less demanding on the salary level and at the same time can be mentors for young colleagues.

"In 2022, employers began to consider and hire older applicants (45+) more often", - RIA Novosti quotes Veterkov as saying.

HR specialists consider responsible attitude to work (60%), extensive experience (59%) and high level of qualification (56%) to be the main advantages of people of the older age group.