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Mass media of Ukraine: a helicopter with the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs crashed due to pilot error

24 января 2023, 12:30
When a helicopter crashed in Brovary, Kiev region, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, including Minister Denis Monastyrsky and his first deputy Yevgeny Enin, were killed. According to sources of the Ukrainian edition "Country", the cause of the emergency was pilot error and heavy fog.
Plane crash

"The helicopter was flying at too low altitude in thick fog and the pilot noticed the multi-storey building too late. Seeing an obstacle, the pilot took a sharp roll, as a result of which the helicopter fell on a nearby kindergarten", - a source in the department told the publication (quoted by TASS).

According to Strana, such conclusions are described in the preliminary data of experts investigating the disaster.

The red beacon did not work on the high-rise building, which could prevent timely detection of the high-rise in fog conditions. The reason for this was the blackout.The helicopter crash became known on the morning of January 18.

According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, as a result of the plane crash, 14 people were killed, including one child, 25 more people were injured, including 11 children. The official causes of the incident have not been announced at the moment.