Posted 24 января 2023,, 12:39

Published 24 января 2023,, 12:39

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The Supreme Court allowed to drink alcohol in a parked car

The Supreme Court allowed to drink alcohol in a parked car

24 января 2023, 12:39
The Supreme Court decided to dismiss the case against a resident of the capital, who had previously been fined and deprived of his license for drunk driving. The inspector who fined the Muscovite noted that the driver was not driving, but stood next to the car and consumed alcoholic beverages.

The Supreme Court clarified that the consumption of alcoholic beverages next to a parked car is not an offense.

In the explanation of the Supreme Court it appears that "driving a vehicle" provides for its "movement". If drinking alcoholic beverages occurs next to a car whose engine is turned off, or in a parked car, then these actions are not considered an offense.

Earlier, the Supreme Court has already given explanations on the case of the driver whose car broke down on the highway. The driver began to drink alcoholic beverages, for which he was deprived of his driver's license. Then the court explained that the ban on the use of alcoholic beverages is valid in the event that the car was involved in an accident. The breakdown of the car does not apply to an accident.