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Without the smoke of the Fatherland: every fifth Russian wants to live abroad in retirement

24 января 2023, 09:33
More than 20% of Russians said that after retirement they dream of going abroad for permanent residence.

This is evidenced by the survey data among 5,000 respondents published by the service.

21% of the surveyed citizens of the Russian Federation told sociologists about their desire to leave Russia and live abroad after retirement.

According to the study, in general, almost half of the citizens of the Russian Federation (46%) want to change their place of residence after retirement, 28% of respondents are categorically against it, and 26% are not considering such an option for themselves yet.

"The top 5 most suitable Russian cities for a comfortable retirement life are Sochi (23%), St. Petersburg (18%), Anapa (17%), Moscow (16%) and Krasnodar (15%). Kaliningrad (11%), the cities of the Moscow region (10%), Kazan (8%) and Nizhny Novgorod (5%) received slightly fewer votes", - the message says.

Thus, in total, among the most convenient locations for pensioners in the territory of the Russian Federation, the cities of the Krasnodar Territory are leading.

In the first place among the factors contributing to the move, citizens call a comfortable climate: 44% of respondents are ready to move for it. For 38%, the beauty and well—being of the city is important (38%), for 33% — the proximity of the sea, mountains and rich nature, for 32% - a measured pace of life. Many also noted as significant the presence of a developed infrastructure of the city, interesting leisure, state programs and subsidies for older people, as well as affordable housing prices.