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The average carsharing price has increased by 30%

25 января 2023, 11:33
The rise in price is due to the increase in fleet maintenance costs due to sanctions. Market participants do not expect prices to decrease in 2023.

According to Kommersant, the average check of a carsharing client for a trip in the country increased by 28% and amounted to 331 rubles. The online turnover of the segment, according to CloudPayments, increased by 7% over the year. The number of transactions fell by 20% in annual terms. The trend is explained by the growing costs of carsharing operators for fleet maintenance. As the head of CloudPayments Tatyana Glazacheva clarified, spare parts have increased in price by an average of 30% over the year. Due to geopolitics, carsharing companies have encountered difficulties with purchasing and updating the fleet.

The reorientation of services to Chinese cars also played a role. The rise in the cost of services occurred in the conditions of a shortage in the budget car market and the choice of Chinese SUV segment cars by services.

According to representatives of BelkaCar, in recent years their check has increased by 5% due to an increase in the duration of the lease, as well as changes in the structure of the fleet. The carsharing market was affected by the departure of large carmakers from Russia and complicated logistics of supplies, the company said. Delimobile announced an increase in the number of registered users by 19% year-on-year. BelkaCar said that in some months the increase in demand reached 30% relative to 2021.

Last year, the Supreme Court of Russia confirmed the right of the Yandex carsharing service.Drive" to fine drivers if they illegally transfer their account to third parties.