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The majority of doctors declared long-term understatement of salaries

25 января 2023, 12:40
The salary of 75% of Russian doctors has not yet reached the level set by the May 2012 presidential decrees. This is evidenced by the monitoring of the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF).

According to Izvestiya, with reference to the data of the ONF study conducted among 25 thousand respondents, three quarters of doctors claim that their salary has not yet reached the level indicated by the president ten years ago.

According to the May 2012 decrees, the average salary of doctors was supposed to grow to 200% of the average salary in the region, and junior and middle medical staff — up to 100%.

However, this did not actually happen. In regions where the salary situation is the worst, there is an acute personnel shortage: dissatisfied with salaries, doctors are forced to flee from state clinics, retrain or move to other areas where wages are higher.

The problem can be solved by uniform remuneration of doctors, as well as the expansion of medical support in the subjects, experts are convinced.